Lillie (lillieanna16) wrote,

Hip huray!

yepers school is almost done in like not even 2 full days. It is cool although i just bombed my first bio exam. i studyed really hard, but i guess not hard enough. Tomarrow i have my geo exam which should not be to hard, my info pros. exam which is simple. and then theres my music exam. now thats a hard one! i gotta study lots or i will not get an a on it.
I dont really need the a but it would be nice to have and then it would bring my gpa up so i would be able to be in NHS. so then that would look super good on my college aplication and lots of people would want me to go the there schools.
Well i had better do well on my exams. I am in the middle of grades for most of them. and if i dont do well well then i am screwed!
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